Guangzhou International
Bio-Fermentation Products & Equipment Expo
March 8-10, 2023
China Import & Export Fair Complex

Market Promotion Opportunities

"BFE" for exhibitors launched "MPO" brand promotion program

Provide full channel marketing model

So that more products and brands have access to accurate target customers

Welcome non-exhibitors "cross-border cooperation"

  Exhibition Scene Advertising-More striking, More prominent, More style

        At the scene of the most eyecatching position, your business advertising to show a large number of buyers.

  Offical Website Advertising-Wide coverage,Spread fast

       Exhibition official website, WeChat public platform, electronic magazines and other online platform for you to continue to bring customer traffic.

  Authoritative Media Advertising

       Authoritative media through the enterprise branding and interviews continue to expand the brand reputation.

       We jointly more than 200 domestic and foreign media on your products and brands to focus on publicity, "detonated" industry circle.

  Advertise on prints-Let your Ad. move

       1,Appear in the buyers at your fingertips, such as: exhibition hall, forum site, the museum desk and so on.

       2,Let the visitors come with your brand advertising in public places, such as: bag, visit card and so on.

  Creative marketing-The golden opportunity to build relationships

       Through the conference forum sponsorship, VIP purchase group invitation, live media interviews, dinner and other activities to help you get more business opportunities.

“5 Modes
All-round promotion, so that your brand is more prominent
Branding Program
Scene Ad.
Website Ad.
Authoritative Media Ad.
on Prints
Scene Ad.
Media Ad.
Website Ad.
Printing Ad
Creative Ad

A-001 Glass curtain wall advertising

Site:Glass wall outside the exhibition hall

Size:High 8m × width 8m

Valid period:Sept. 15-17, 2017

A-002 Truss advertising

Site:Hall entrance on both sides

Size:High 4m × width 6m

Valid periodSept. 15-17, 2017

A-003 Triangle truss advertising

Site:Hall entrance on both sides

Size:High 4m × width 2m

Valid periodSept. 15-17, 2017

A-004 Inflatable arches advertising

Site:Across the road

Size:High 6m × width 10m

Valid periodSept. 15-17, 2017

C-001 Official WeChat

More accurate business promotion channels, 10000 + fans

2-3 times a week

The most direct and effective information push

A、Large graphic information (title 30 words or less, a cover

big picture, not content with drawing more than 5)

B、Small graphic information (title 30 words or less, a cover

big picture, not content with drawing more than 5)

C-002 Media alliance

We have 200+ co-media, including paper media, network

media and other professional news media

So that your company get more audience attention,

increase brand credibility.

A、Writing press releases (1piece) + news source media

(5 medias)

B、Writing press releases (2 pieces) + news source media

(5 medias) + industry authoritative website (10 websites)

Website Ad.

B-001 Official page banner (top)


B-002 Official webpage (sidebar)


B-003 Official web banner (middle)


B-004 Official website notification bar ads


Printing Ad















 D-003 会刊广告








Creative Ad

E-001 Coffee area advertising

1、Accordive guests and spectators in an elegant setting

2、There is food and drink in the coffee area for the rest of the audience

3、Carefully designed coffee coupons with your company's logo and product information are delivered to guests and buyers before they are released, and are distributed to the audience and the media at the same time.

4、Set up your company's billboards and posters in the coffee area.

E-002 Gift sponsorship (3 Companies)

Only three corporate sponsorship gifts can be used by sponsors in pre-show promotional materials and enjoy the following privileges:

1、All the visiting visitors get a gift stamp with your company name;

2、Strengthen your company brand image, especially in the gift area to place your billboards;

E-003 Media interview

Through the field media reports, increase your compay

brand credibility

CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, Guangdong TV and many other authoritative media on your company on-site interviews

E-004 Sponsorship forum

Companies and brand promotion of the great opportunity to directly face the professional audience, build brand awareness.

1、Enterprises in the main forum to speak, establish a corporate reputation;

2、Face to face with buyers Q & A interaction;

3、Your company information and posters placed in the meeting sign and forum area, increase exposure opportunities;

4、Your company as a co-organizer of this forum, appeared in the forum area background board.

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